I am developing an open source project, but need to use a library. The library is open source, but I don’t know if I need to tell the user about the dependency. Do I have to show a license of the dependencies that I use? The dependency is under the MIT license.

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    If you include MIT licensed software in your distribution, then yes, you need to comply with the MIT license. And the MIT license requires that you include a copy of the license when you distribute the software. So effectively you are already telling a user about this dependency (provided he bothers to read the LICENSE files, etc. in the code). – Brandin Feb 13 at 8:14

It is open source, so the user can find out by themselves that you are using said library (at the very least, it will show up as a dependency, or as part of the code). Trying to hide this just comes out as dishonest, making your software suspect. All for nothing.

The whole idea of open source is open: Tell (as well as you can/manage) all any user or potential adaptor might want to know up front about the software. You want it to be widely used, so you are doing yourself (and your users) a favor.

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