a library that depends on jquery was created. After that, a version where all dependant calls were replaced with original jquery code. Most parts of such code were removed as redundant. Should be jquery somehow mentioned in such case?

  • Sorry, can you explain more exactly what the situation is? If you're incorporating code obtained from jQuery then of course you have to reference jQuery/its contributors! – curiousdannii Jan 6 at 7:05
  • @curiousdannii It was an old version 1.7.1. There was no copyright just reference to the license – Kamil Gareev Jan 8 at 15:53

The MIT license does not require that you in some way reference the original project when you copy some code.

The MIT license does require that you copy the copyright and license text along with the code that you copy. Depending on how the copyright statement is formulated, this can become effectively a reference to the original project.

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If what was done was to start using A's code, and gradually replacing it by own (rewritten) code, written by referencing the original A code, the result is a derivative of the original.

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