I'm open-sourcing a library that tries to make managing local files easier by enabling full text search, encryption, corruption handling & remote transfer/distribution of files.

What license to use that allows the following?

  • Can be used within other open-source projects with different licenses without forcing others to change their license. No viral license
  • Can be used within proprietary or commercial closed source software with no restrictions or conditions.
  • But has only one condition that any changes, updates and bug-fixes to the library itself (just the library) are published back to the open-source project so that the library maintainers and other developers can benefit from it regardless of where the software is run, locally, remote over a web service or on a Rocket to the Moon.

MPL-2.0 and LGPL-3.0 provide the above but they do say that modifications should be published if it's run over a web-service.

AGPL-3.0 says that modifications should be published if it's run over a web-service but it's a viral license so other open-source projects cannot use my library unless they are AGPL-3.0 too.



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