It is not clear for me if it is possible to include software licensed under Eclipse Public License (EPL) 2.0 in commercial closed software.

I have found some related questions (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) that deal with EPL 1.0. As far as I understand, software licensed under EPL 1.0 can be included in commercial software as long as:

  1. Modified code under EPL 1.0 is released. Not the whole software, only the modified work.
  2. The contributors of the EPL 1.0 code are properly identified (Notices are maintained) and their liability is limited.

Question 1

However, I have not found questions adressing EPL 2.0. This question in EPL 2.0 FAQ suggests the situation is the same but I am not sure of whether there have been significative changes. Specifically, I am struggling with the concept of secondary license although I think it is not relevant in the case of commercial software.

Is EP 2.0-licensed software still usable in the conditions above?

Question 2

I am also unsure about how to distinguish the modified work from the rest of my code. I understand that if the modified work is a separated module or library I do not need to release the whole code. However, if I make significant changes that greatly modify the original code but depend on it, I am required to release everything. Is this correct? Is it possible to change the license in this case?

Question 3

What if I develop a separated module to be used with the software released under EPL 2.0?


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