On my spare time, I am working on an ambitious, GPLv3+, AGI related, research project (much more research than development). I intend to work on that fulltime in my retirement (or even trying to get some research grant to work on it), and I should be retired in a 3 to 4 years.

That project is RefPerSys, some incomplete code is on https://gitlab.com/bstarynk/refpersys and some draft and incomplete design document is on http://starynkevitch.net/Basile/refpersys-design.pdf

In particular, I am seeking for someone able to review my multi-threaded precise garbage collection code.

BTW, at work, I am developing Bismon (a GPLv3+ software funded by H2020 projects) whose draft documentation is here and I am also lacking persons who compiles it and review the documentation. Colleagues don't have time to review my code there. H2020 partners don't have time to compile it quite often. So I also need people to review the C code and to give comments about the report.

Everything mentioned here is GPLv3+ and for Linux. Bismon is my daily work, RefPerSys is a hobby thing.

The question is indeed about finding code reviewers, not code developers.

PS. The simple economics of open source paper (very cited) is related to, and somehow motivates, this question.

How do I go about finding people who are willing to do code-review for my project?

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