I was intending on using a GPLv3 licensed JavaScript library on a website I'm developing for a client. This library would be part of the theme. Will this necessarily make the entire them GPLv3 so my client would have to release the source to every visitor?

Does it make any difference if the intended use is for a company wide intranet site and will not be of public use outside employees and contractors?



If you use a GPLv3 licensed library in the front-end of a website/webapp, then the entire front-end code must be released under the GPLv3 license, when that front-end code is distributed.

The key here is that the source code must only be made available if the code is distributed. For purposes of copyright, a company making software available to its employees for work-related purposes does not count as distribution of the software. This means that if the GPL library is used for an intranet site, then the source does not have to be made available, not even to the employees of the company.

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