I've got a lotta docs written in reST (note docs, not docstrings in code) to which I'd like to add (depending on the work) one or more of

  • copyright notice
  • license notice
  • license badge/icon

I'd like to know, are there established conventions for this? Particularly:

I'm guessing this will involve adding to the doc(s) one or more reST directives, and furthermore probably

  1. a meta directive with one or more fields for the copyright notice, license name, license URI, etc
  2. (if badging) an image directive with a field containing the standard URI for the license

If those assumptions are correct, my question becomes: are there canonical fieldnames for each of these data? If not in reST/docutils, are there fieldnames in {canonical, accepted, wide} use in a related domain, like a reST extension (e.g., Sphinx) or a related markup (e.g., Markdown)?

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