Here is the code. This too, a large portion of it. I'm not associated with any organization, I'm just trying to create a Chrome Extension that I will post to the Chrome Web Store and expect people to install for their own use. One of the aforementioned links contains another link to GoJS's licensing agreement. I think the answer to my question is can be found there, but I need help understanding it.

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The code you first link to starts /* Copyright (C) 1998-2019 by Northwoods Software Corporation. All Rights Reserved. */, but as I have noted here this is a historical hangover with no modern function save to really complicate the licensing position of content. It is, however, a harbinger of bigger licensing issues to come.

Turning to the project's actual licence file, we find it not only written in HTML, but HTML made by MS Word; both of these are bad signs. The licence when viewed makes much (worrying) reference to License Certificates and Evaluation Licenses, and goes on to say that:

2.1.4 Except as may otherwise expressly be permitted by this Agreement, and subject to such additional limitations and restrictions as are set forth in this Agreement, Customer may not:

(a) use, copy, display, publish, or transfer any Licensed Product;

(b) modify any Licensed Product, or create any derivative work of any Licensed Product;

This is not free software. I'm guessing it was never intended to be. It's a commercial company's commercial source, and in a popular modern form of stupidity they have decided to do their development out in the open on a public git server.

You cannot lawfully use this content. Worse, by even reading it in detail you risk opening yourself up to accusations of any similar work you later write being a derivative, and thus unusable.

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