I'm making a simple gui with Electron for a CLI executable that is distributed under GPLv2. I assume the license isn't an issue since this is a personal project and I'm happy to license mine GPLv2 as well, but I was wondering the correct way to bundle the executable file in my git source control as it seems like a really bad solution to include it as if it was a source file.


If you did not made any modifications to the CLI tool just link to the original repository.

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    So just to clarify, essentially just add the executable to my .gitignore and cite the original repository on github? – Tman1677 Jul 24 at 20:42
  • If you add executable to .gitignore than you don't distribute it, so you are not even subject to GPL and don't really need to do anything. If you include executable than you distribute and thus required to provide a way to get its source. I think linking to original source is sufficient in this scenario. – rvs Jul 25 at 10:33
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    @rvs No. If you distribute the executable, the GPL says you must give the "corresponding source" or a written offer to provide the same; i.e. you specifically need to provide the same source of what you used to build that executable. Linking to the project page is not sufficient. – Brandin Jul 27 at 5:49

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