There is an opensource tool I want to use in my project, JSZip, which is dual-licensed. The maintainers say:

You may use it under the MIT license or the GPLv3 license

My project will be a single-page application hosted on my site. If I get it right, dual licensing should mean that I may choose the MIT license option which is shorter and easier to understand. The MIT license requires me to include its text:

in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

Where exactly should I put the credits and the MIT license itself: the web page where the user can access my application, the JavaScript code that uses this application, or all of the above? What do I do if I pack all the JavaScript together in a single file - where do I put the license notice then?

Update: This question was marked as duplicate. Thank you for providing the link. However the referred one was answered by a person who put a disclaimer above his answer; he tried to deduce meanings almost the same way we all do. I also have the general idea that the text of the MIT license should be put somewhere where it will be most probably read. But this license is not a novelty, quite the opposite, so I would be happy to learn if there exists a common practice regarding it. Probably someone here has an unequivocal understanding of that.

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