1. What is the compatibility in terms of license with an API? For example: GPL license from the client side and PHP license from the server side, is it possible?
  2. Can the Android application contain integrated payments?
  • What are the licenses in question? GPL from the client side and "PHP" from the server side -- PHP is a programming language, not a license. Of course PHP itself has a license, but any software you are running with PHP will have its own license, unless you wrote all of it yourself. – Brandin Mar 29 at 6:01
  • @Brandin Yes I was referring to the PHP license in one repository and the GPL license in another – IT Developers Mar 29 at 16:05

Question 1

If the client application and the server application are in different repositories, both can have any type of license that will be compatible because the communication of the applications in a web service is through the network.

Different happens when using code we import libraries from external repositories, where before using a repository you have to check what can be done and not with a license.

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