I'm looking for ways to communicate to my users that our project is committed to making the world a better place. That we don't collect or sell the user's privacy. That we are committed to promoting the ideals of Open Source Software and the Open Source Community.

Are there any organizations or Pledges or checklists, that are widely used to communicate good will to our users?

In the business world there are things like the Better Business Beau or B Corp or 1% for the planet.

EDIT: My project is not a free-client-captive-service project. Firefox or Android is open-source but they have done some questionable things regarding data telemetry over the years. Hence the need for a conversation around FOSS that also understands and respects how dangerous new and emerging forms of data collection are.


Open Source projects are generally about making software, and the licence is the usual and only-meaningful pledge of this good faith. If you give the software to the users along with the four freedoms, they will have everything they need to look after themselves; they will also have a much more solid knowledge of your ideals than any manifesto or endorsement could have given them.

Your question seems to suggest that your project is not a free-software project, but a free-client-captive-service project; the issue of how well you look after your users' data only arises if they have to give it to you in the first place. You should be aware that any such model already raises giant red flags in the minds of many free software enthusiasts - for example, F-droid labels such software with the warnings "anti-features", "this app has features you may not like", and "this app promotes non-free network services".

Once you've had such labels slapped on you, no pledge of good faith or stamp of approval will bring many users back round to you. So my advice to you is to free the server-side code as well; let your users operate their own servers if they want to. In this way, those for whom privacy is a salient can look after themselves, and the rest who don't much care can use your server if they want.


If you release Free/Open Source software, anyone can use it regardless of morals. You can't make a guarantee that your software will be used only for good. Evil people will be able to take it and modify and use it for their own purposes.

You can of course run an ethical project. You indicate your support for F/OSS by releasing your software under an appropriate license. You can provide any other assurances you like that your project is ethical, but that's all you can guarantee.

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