I would like to use an open source web browser, but I see lots of different places offering a download of Firefox. How do I tell which one is the correct place to download from?

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Wherever possible, you should download software directly from the vendor. If that's not possible, use a trusted, preferably secure (HTTPS) alternative source.

Firefox is made and released by Mozilla, so you should download from them wherever possible. The downloads page is here.

There are some indicators I use to determine how trustworthy a downloads site is:

  • Page written in bad English - bad but not 'leave this site now'
  • Page served over HTTP - ditto
  • Page doesn't have a HTTPS version (not just they served over HTTP, but no secure version exists) - bad
  • "FREE! ABSOLUTELY FREE! NO RISK! VIRUS SAFE!" - get away from there
  • If they can't get the name right ("Fire Fox", anyone?) - bad
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The best way to know if you are at the correct site is to look for a "clean" link. By this I mean:

  • no subdomains (ie: firefox.download.ca)
  • look for https in the url

In this example, this is the correct link for downloading mozilla firefox:


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