My organization made a Python module and would like to share it under the Mozilla Public License.

Is there a way to add the name of this organization to the license ?

If I use the license as is, there is no name at all. But according to the FAQ of the MPL:

Q4 : I want to use the Mozilla Public License for software that I have written. What do I have to do?

To apply the Mozilla Public License to software that you have written, add the header from Exhibit A of the license to each source code file in your project. Sample headers for various commenting styles are available here. You may also add additional accurate notices of copyright ownership, such as the name of the copyright holder, but this is not necessary.

But this answer does not really indicates how to do it in the license file...

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Although many people believe that lines like copyright 2018, Bart van Ingen Schenau are part of the license, legally they are not. Those lines are notices of copyright ownership (or copyright notice) and they declare who owns the copyright on the work.

A copyright notice consists of the word "copyright" followed by a list of years and/or ranges of years and finally a list of copyright owners.

The common practice is to have the copyright notices directly preceding the license text (or a formal reference to the license), with the two separated by a blank line.

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