I create a closed source library that includes

  1. Some modified source code of a project with Apache 2.0 license. Result: I include this project's NOTICE file into my project, and a txt file with the Apache license - just as help for apps depending on my library.
  2. A normal dependency D not included in the source code but included in the final binary (Gradle dependencies { compile ... }). This dependency is licensed under Apache 2.0, too.

In opposite to my source, the final binary using my library will include the library under 2).

Result: My app should include a view accessible to all users that does not only list the NOTICE of 1, but I should extend the view by notices for all used libraries under Apache 2.0 and other non-copyleft licenses. Used means: part of my source code or included in the final binary, including all the dependencies of D itself and so on.

Is this correct?

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