I see this question on this site + I read OFL and FAQ. But have additional questions that not answered there.

I have made pluggin for Word which includes OFL icon sets like this:

  1. I extract vector icon data (F1M14.4401,25.[...]) from many icon sets (like FontAwesome) and compile in one very large XML file
  2. This file stored as embedded resources inside my pluggin

User of my pluggin can view icons inside Word and click to insert into document (it then extract selected icon from large XML file and add to Word document as images).

I do following to attribute & include license:

  1. In "About" I show list of all icon sets which embedded inside plugin; it also show links to author site and include full license + copyright header.

Users can use my commercial pluggin to add many OFL icons into their documents and can see licenses of icons inside "About" window.

Is this O.K. with OFL license?

I worry about 2 things:

  1. I infringe copyright and can get in trouble with font author
  2. My pluggin users infringe copyright if they add icon inside their document

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