Suppose on GitHub one has a BSD project. If people make changes and and then request for you to pull them, are those changes also BSD licensed by default?


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Per Github TOS help page:

  1. Contributions Under Repository License

Whenever you make a contribution to a repository containing notice of a license, you license your contribution under the same terms, and you agree that you have the right to license your contribution under those terms. If you have a separate agreement to license your contributions under different terms, such as a contributor license agreement, that agreement will supercede.

Isn't this just how it works already? Yep. This is widely accepted as the norm in the open-source community; it's commonly referred to by the shorthand "inbound=outbound". We're just making it explicit.

So yes on Github, contributions are under the project's license (e.g. BSD-licensed in your case), unless stated otherwise.

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