I was looking into using Nodemailer in an application of mine and was wondering when isn't it free and requires a license.


I have tried reading over the doc but all the legal stuff goes over my head. On the pricing page they have this:

Nodemailer is available under a more restrictive license without a fee, so you are free to test Nodemailer before actually buying anything.

But don't really list the restrictions that I can find so not sure what they are.

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Reading their license (EUPL 1.1), it's a copyleft license:

According to its article 5, the EUPL is also copyleft in order to avoid any exclusive appropriation of the software.

FSF confirms that it's a copyleft license incompatible with, but convertible to, GPL.

So, it's a dual-licensed product, and if you don't wish to distribute your software under EUPL or GPL, you need to pay.

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