I'm making a game in that requires the CSFML libraries. I've downloaded the libraries from: http://dsfml.com/downloads.html

I can't understand these things, the license doesn't explain much:

  1. I only want to distribute the files in the lib folder, can I? Not the whole package.
  2. If I can, where do I put the license.txt? Given that the files will be put in the /lib directory in the FileSystem.

P.S: I downloaded the 32 bit Linux package from that page.

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The CSFML library is licensed under the ZLIB license

When redistributing binaries, the zlib requirements are ... minimal. In fact there are no requirements in that case beside not claiming that I wrote this library.

Therefore I do not need to do anything special and in particular I do not need to include the license text in a binary-only redistribution. The zlib license has no such requirement for binaries.

However, the right thing do is to meet also the suggested requirements:

If you use this software in a product, an acknowledgement in the product documentation would be appreciated but is not required.

Therefore I would include in my product documentation and/or credits page some acknowledgement for that library. Since I want to do the right thing and I may also include several other open source libraries in my product, I would also include the [copyright notice and license text1 for good measure even if this not strictly required here: this way I would just treat this as the other libraries and include all the license and notice texts.


Distributing only the files in the lib/ folder is technically to "alter it". Thus, you should include the License.txt file in the lib/ folder as well, but including a first line explaining it was altered. Example:

This folder contains part of the DSFML library. This library is licensed as such:

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