The software I am developing has been closed source. Recently my friend suggested that I make it open sourced.

This is why I would like to know:

What benefits do I have to making my software open sourced?

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The benefits of open sourcing your project include:

  • can reach more people (as it can be freely redistributed)
  • more people trusting it (as code can be inspected)
  • may attract external contributors (hopefully making the software better)
  • good karma ;-)

There may also downsides (depends on how you see it):

  • you cannot longer forbid usage in some fields (military, genetics, secret services) or for some people (North Koreans, murderers)
  • it may be more difficult to monetize your software
  • someone may take your code and produce a changed variant and distributes it
  • people may complain about the quality of your source code

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