I have a web app that I sell.

It is a Java REST service with an AngularJS front end.

I want to use a Javascript library that is licensed under the AGPL but I don't understand the implications or if it is OK for me to use it.

Specifically, I don't understand the modifying/linking/usage parts and how it applies and what it applies to.

  • I'm not modifying the library.
  • I am distributing the library inside my webapp rather than via a full url (external web access is not always available in this case)
  • My javascript code that calls the library is minified

So the questions:

  • Does the AGPL mean I have to distribute my source code that is using this library?
  • Do I have to include the source code of the Java part or just the Javascript part?
  • Since the user can see my Javascript in the browser does that count as distributing my source code?
  • Does it still count if it is minified since it doesn't match the source code in my repo?
  • Is there a matrix anywhere giving a short summary about what the common licences mean in different situations?

Most of your questions already have answers so I will just link to them:

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