Do you know of a guide that walks you through the choosing of a licence?

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That would be GitHub's Choose a License tool.

This wizard will let you choose what you're most concerned about - be it giving maximum freedom to your users, preventing patent claims, or ensuring that downstream developers can't remove user freedoms (i.e. copyleft).

As of this writing, there's 7 main licenses which this tool will help you compare. There's also non-software options that it links to.

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I found a few charts on a Programmers Stack Exchange post:

Chart one

and this...

Chart two

The GitHub and Creative Commons licence choosers have their downsides. The CC chooser looks at non-software licences. The GitHub licence chooser isn't necessarily interactive - and only included a bunch of pre-selected "featured" licences.

There is also this interactive licence chooser developed by OSS Watch, published by the University of Oxford.

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There is only one serious free libre and open source license wizard picker to pick a license and this is the work of Dan Bentley and Brian Fitzpatrick : Which open source license?

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