I am currently working on an EPUB project in which I'll embed a font licensed under OFL.

According to the second point in the PERMISSION & CONDITIONS section, the font "may be bundled (...) provided that each copy contains the above copyright notice and this license".

There is no problem to include the "copyright notice", which can be easily integrated into title-page or colophon XHTML files, but what about the license .txt file itself? What is the better way to include this kind of file within an EPUB structure?

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    Any reason why you can't just put it in an appendix in the back of the book? If you're worried about it not being seen, put a notice on the copyright page saying, "This work includes fonts under the SIL Open Font License 1.1. See the appendix for the license text."
    – apsillers
    May 10, 2016 at 15:49
  • Not a particular reason not to put it as an appendix right now. I am looking for possibilities to include this file as properly as possible. I consider that your suggestion is a possible option indeed.
    – P. Mergey
    May 11, 2016 at 6:29

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I'd add an appendix to the book with the relevant license text copied there. As far as I understand, there's no restriction on what format you redistribute the license by.


First, thank to apsillers for the comment and Mureinik for the answer. They have substantially helped me to find a suitable manner to integrate the license into the .epub file.

As there is no type for appendix (and no one for license too) in the OPF guide specifications, I have finally opted to use the copyright-page guide element to create the ofl.xhtml file, such as :

<reference type="copyright-page" title="Copyright page" href="Text/ofl.xhtml"/>

In the title.xhtml, I have formatted a link in the notice this way:

<a href="../Text/ofl.xhtml">Open Font License 1.1</a></p>

By the way, I have found another question (Where should font licenses be embedded?) related to this problem, but the suggested implementations cause error when checking the file with Sigil and FlightCrew:

Error XML child not recognized: the <licence> element is not an allowed child of the <metadata> element

So, at this time, it appears that the solution of a kind of appendix (a copyright page in this case) seems to be appropriate.

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