I am integrating an LGPL application to my iOS application. I am modifying the LGPL application in such a way that, I am integrating a new library to it. So the flow is like this:

Appl Code >> LGPL Library >> New Library

Do I need to make the New Library opensource?

This is what I am planning to do to meet the license requirements:

1.Make the modified LGPL application opensource (LGPL) via github fork

2.Make the other parts of the application available on demand as object files

Is this enough to meet LGPL requirements?


Is this enough to meet LGPL requirements?

Leaving aside staic vs. dynamic linking, it depends if your "New Library" becomes a work "based on the library" e.g. are you creating a derivative work? This is a grey area and a legal determination. My take in general is that "New Library" would become a derivative work in most cases and be subject to the LGPL terms. But YMMV. Consult a lawyer!

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