We are developing an application which will be Open Source (code), however there are few libraries which are either paid or commercial. We have liaised with original developers/parties and agreed to distribute Uglified and/or DLL version of these libraries with our source code with appropriate link to how to buy and include these libraries in your project if you are planning to use/extend the project.

Most of our code is JavaScript (frontend), C# (backend) & Unity (the game). Each of these components uses combination of Commercial & Copyleft libraries.

So can someone educate us on which licensing template we should be using for the project.


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An open-source project can use proprietary libraries if the proprietary libraries in question allow for it. For the OS-part you can use a permissive license (MIT, BSD, Apache), which is allowing to combine it with works under different licenses. As you talk about libraries even some copyleft-licenses are OK, as long as linking isn't counted as derivate work (so LGPL is ok, GPL or AGPL aren't).

What confuses me a bit is you talking about C# and Unity using commercial and copyleft-licenses. Are these the libraries you use under commercial license? Or are you using them with copyleft and different libraries in proprietary license? If the second, then the copyleft-license influences your project and might prohibit the combination with proprietary licensed stuff (depending on the license in question).

  • For C# & Unity bits, its combination of commercial & opensource licenses. Jan 21, 2016 at 15:39

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