I have made an open source app that is licensed under GNU GPL V3.0. I have dependencies that use the MIT, Apache 2.0 and CC-0 licenses. How can I properly include the license info in my app? Is it sufficient to have a section in the "about” page of my app that allows the user to view the licenses by opening them in another app?

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    Can you put the bit about the privacy policy in a question of its own? The Q&A format used here doesn't work well with having multiple questions in one post and the privacy policy question deserves the attention of its own Question. Commented Jul 7 at 6:32
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    @BartvanIngenSchenau I'm not convinced that a question about privacy policies would be on-topic here; it feels like a generic legal question, probably very dependent on the jurisdiction(s) involved. Commented Jul 7 at 10:35


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