Is it legal to use a FOSS extension from Google Web Store without registration in ungoogled Chromium or other FOSS browsers?

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    Are you happy to restrict this question to only FOSS extensions? Asking about non-FOSS works is off-topic here, but you could move this to Law SE if you want that. Commented Jun 27 at 11:19
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    > Are you happy to restrict this question to only FOSS extensions? -- Yeah, fine. Thanks for quick reply.
    – user34196
    Commented Jun 27 at 21:38
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    Hi @user34196, I've edited your question to match the exchange in the comments above -- feel free to edit or add more information/examples if you want, especially if I've accidentally misrepresented your question with my edits (but I hope I haven't).
    – apsillers
    Commented Jun 28 at 3:41

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Yes. The first of the four freedoms of free software is the "freedom to run the program as you wish, for any purpose". A licence restriction on an extension that it could only be used with, say, Chromium, would make it un-free, and thus outside the remit of this question. Similarly, a licence restriction on a browser that limited it to using extensions from a specific source would make it, too, non-free. If both are free, the practice is absolutely fine.

Whether this would work from a technical standpoint is a different question, and one not appropriate for this site.

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