If someone links to a Github or Gitlab repo in a Stackoverflow post, or a Github or Gitlab gist, is the contained content CC-BY-SA? Let's say I am the sole author of the code on Github/Gitlab?

For a second senario: Let's say I am one of several authors in a Github/Gitlab repo, and the code is MIT licensed? Does the code still have to be CC-BY-SA?

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No. HTML linking does not create a derivative work, so it is irrelevant what license the Stack Overflow post is under, it cannot possibly affect the license of the linked content.

(Otherwise you could never link from a Stack Overflow post to anything proprietary)

  • Correct : Otherwise , we can link to Proprietary Stuff ( owned by somebody else , Eg YouTube / NYT / ShutterStock ) & a third Party can start using that Proprietary Stuff , claiming that it is CC-BY-SA , with the owner not being aware of that.
    – Prem
    Jun 5 at 11:42

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