// Example in c++:

string cmd1 = "sudo dmidecode";
string cmd2 = "sudo nethogs -t -s -a -d 1";
string cmd3 = "sudo intel_gpu_top -J";

FILE *pipe = popen(cmd1.c_str(), "r");

// Example in java:

String cmd1 = "sudo dmidecode";
String cmd2 = "sudo nethogs -t -s -a -d 1";
String cmd3 = "sudo intel_gpu_top -J";

ProcessBuilder builder = new ProcessBuilder();
Process p=null;
if(debugThreadsLow) {System.out.println("execute: "+cmd);}
try {
    p = builder.start();
} catch (IOException e) {e.printStackTrace();return null;}

My question is now: do i need to care about the license of dmidecode, intel_gpu_top or nethogs?

(Or include, for each program i parse, the license in my project?)



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