Observation: I got to know that commercialization of Apache Software Foundation's(ASF) projects is possible.

Examples of My Observation: For example, Astronomer company(https://www.astronomer.io/) has commercialized Apache Airflow project and Databricks company (https://www.databricks.com/) has done same with Apache Spark (mainly). Ofcourse, there are many more companies.

Ask: So, Does any one know a concrete, one stop, step by step process to commercialize an Apache Software Foundation project that ensure full compliance with Apache licence? Informally Speaking, I just wanted to know the process that the above mentioned(in Examples section) companies might have followed during commercialization of ASF project.

Assumptions: I want to restrict the scope of this ask to ASF projects with Apache License 2.0 only.

Apppendix: ASF - Apache Software Foundation

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    Have you read the license? What is unclear? Aug 6 at 10:02
  • Information in license is coupled with legal terms. There is no explanation of theory in license with a real world example out there. So, I am trying to get that explanation.. Aug 6 at 13:17
  • I never studied law and find most open source licenses reasonably understandable; they were usually written with understandability in mind. The Apache license is not an exception. That's why I'm asking... Aug 6 at 13:29
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    I would strongly recommend consulting a lawyer before committing your company's future on Internet advice.
    – doneal24
    Aug 6 at 17:03
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    Would you understand how to commercialize the (very simple) BSD license? If so, the answer is almost exactly the same for the Apache license despite more words. If not, this sounds like a business question, not an open source one. Aug 6 at 18:10


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