I have build ffmpeg libraries configured for LGPL on multiple OS's looking to be called from my own code using ffmpeg filters to deinterleave video. below is the configure command.

./configure --disable-static --enable-shared --disable-iconv --disable-libxcb --disable-zlib --disable-bzlib --disable-lzma --disable-doc --disable-debug --disable-x86asm --disable-asm --enable-filter=bwdif --enable-filter=w3fdif

However testing out the filters even though not enabled I can call the yadif filter and various other filters that are GPL

Given the ffmpeg build lists itself as LGPL am I allow to redistribute - or is given the bug in ffmpeg build options would this violate there licensing. Note the GPL filters are not called from my code.

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    Which license applies depends on the contents of the binary, NOT on the build options. If you get GPL parts without --enable-gpl that's a bug in ffmpeg. But are you sure that yadif is still GPL? This seems to have changed in 2014.
    – amon
    Jul 20 at 7:15
  • Thanks for the advice about build's that's good to know! Honestly thought yadif was GPL still (having trouble finding information)- my builds will fail stating GPL not enabled if I try and enable the yadif filter (explicit). Though from your commit link that predates my ffmpeg version. Thanks for your help. Jul 20 at 8:06

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So the short answer would be no I can not distrubute the Code if it has GPL functionality thanks to AMON for answering.

Though for my particular case yadif became LGPL and the configure is bugged such that it states its GPL. So I would be able to distribute FFmpeg so long as the there are no GPL functions.

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