I submit a large PR to repository X. Later, I close the PR and make my own repository that uses some of X's code, and give X due attribution in the NOTICE file and function docstrings. At time of dispute, my repository is private and not distributed, though I can change that.

If I explicitly forbid it, is X allowed to 1) reopen the PR and commit it to X, 2) use code in my PR to publish an academic work? This related Q&A doesn't answer my question.

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    It seems like the second answer in your linked Q&A says the PR was in fact licensed under BSD, per GitHub's terms. This question does differ slightly, though, because it also includes an attempt to actively rescind that BSD grant. This Q&A addresses the question of revocability when unspecified in the license, but it hinges on the question of whether the licensed code was offered in exchange for some "consideration". A good answer might address the application of this criterion to this case.
    – apsillers
    Jun 19 at 3:22


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