If I'm using a MIT library in my project, can I license my project under GPLv3 license? And which libraries Im allow to use if I want to license my project under GPL v3?

  • For example, I want to use the three.js MIT licensed library in my project and I want to license my project under GPLv3, Im I allowed to do it ? And what other libraries Im I allowed to use ?
    – Diego Meza
    Feb 4 at 13:02

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The MIT License is compatible with GPLv3. You can find a simple graph here.

The way how GPL compatibility is determined can be found here. And there is even a list of FSF with compatible licenses

  • Indeed. You should go to the section titled "GPL-Compatible Free Software Licenses" and look there. These licenses will have a green bar to the left of them. Feb 27 at 4:52

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