As you know, the Linux kernel is made up of many many open source components. Has anyone of you ever tried to identify these components and their respective licenses? I would like to talk about how to approach this topic.

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    Why do you believe the answer to be anything other than "the whole kernel is under the GPL v2 only"? Sep 3 at 14:32
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    The Linux source code includes a list of licenses that are used by various components (see the LICENSES folder). Linux is also pretty good with annotating their source files with machine-readable SPDX-License-Identifier headers.
    – amon
    Sep 4 at 12:15
  • @amon, the Linux kernel is a multi-billion dollar a year business (backed by the likes of IBM, Google, Cisco, even Microsoft dabbles in it). It stands to reason they are extra careful with license related stuff.
    – vonbrand
    Sep 5 at 0:20
  • Like @amon said there are many different licenses used ba various components of the kernel. I would like to create a FOSS BOM for the kernel or at least of the parts of the kernel that we are using on our platform. To identify the components and their licenses, there are tools such as FOSSology, FlexNet Code Insight or Black Duck. My question would be if anyone of you has already tried to identify the different components of the kernel and their respective licenses with such a tool yet Sep 6 at 7:46

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