I made an android library and published it on GitHub as an open source library. Now I want to add the Apache license to it, but I don't know how to apply for the license.

How can I get the Apache license for my Android library?


It's free to use for everyone. You just need to add NOTICE and LICENSE files to the repo like the official doc says. Also, it's recommended to have a brief copyright header for each source file that is licensed under Apache2 license.

  • Which extension I use to create LICENSE or NOTICE file? is it .txt file?
    – Yaqoob Bhatti
    Aug 11 '21 at 7:46
  • Without any extension. As the doc says. But you can use .txt. It's possible too.
    – Aleksei Potapkin
    Aug 11 '21 at 8:34

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