Am I legally allowed to modify (remove bloatware, rewrite functions etc.) to leaked code and release it online for free? I don't intend to license anything, it's just mostly for a personal project to extend windows XP compatibility to some modern applications.

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    What makes you think you might possibly be allowed to take illegally released code and use it for anything? Jun 22 at 17:22
  • Because I legally own a copy of the compiled version of this code. Also I am not planning on making any money off of it.
    – Bob Joe
    Jun 22 at 17:24
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    This seems to be nothing to do with open-source code then, so is off-topic for this site. You could ask on Law.SE but that answer is "blatant no", you have no right to modify proprietary software. Jun 22 at 17:28
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    I’m voting to close this question because it has nothing to do with Free/Open Source software. Jun 23 at 2:52
  • Wait. Microsoft isn't open source? I thought all the forced updates and shady attempts to switch everyone over to edge we're all in the name of sharing their sources with everyone. I just always assumed that they forgot to include the decompiler... Who knew? Xp
    – Nate T
    Jun 23 at 10:26

The operative word here is leaked. Microsoft never intended to release the code for Windows XP or to make it open. If it was illegally distributed, and continued distribution of it, modified or not, would also probably be illegal.

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