In the light of the new AGPL Grafana license, can we still use unmodifed Grafana served as a docker image on cloud as the visualisation component of our commercial service?

My understanding so far is that it is OK to continue using Grafana, based on this post:

Those who use unmodified versions Grafana on their services or post the change code (for example, Red Hat Openshift and Cloud Foundry) they will not be affected by the license change.

And even in the worst case looks like we can use the Enterprise Edition, as mentioned here:

for those that don’t intend to modify the code, simply use our Enterprise download. This is a free-to-use, proprietary-licensed, compiled binary that matches the features of the AGPL version

Any thoughts/experience on Grafana AGPL is welcome.

  • Are you using the docker image that is provided by your cloud provider or you spinning a custom docker container with Grafana (which edition)?
    – user24249
    Jun 9 at 15:10
  • Docker image provided by AWS Fargate.
    – kaptan
    Jun 9 at 19:32

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