I am working on a (GitHub) project that I want to open-source with BSD 3-clause license and I am using some code parts and files from Apache 2.0 licensed projects. So I have three questions:

  1. Is this possible? Is Apache 2.0 license allows the use in BSD 3-clause projects? (This looks like a basic question but somehow I couldn't find any answer for this.) If it is not possible should I just use the Apache 2.0 license?
  2. I have some files taken from an Apache 2.0 licensed project (not the whole project) and I modified those files. As far as I understand, I need to indicate my changes at the beginning of those files. So how should my boilerplate notices be? Is the following correct? Or should I put the Apache 2.0 notice to the top and add BSD's and my modifications?:
//BSD 3-clause boilerplate notice
//A summary of my modifications
//Apache 2.0 boilerplate notice of the original project
  1. I have a submodule inside my project which is an Apache 2.0 project that I forked and made some changes. Again, what should I do for this?

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