I am building a software that in its theoretical form would use logos from several different financial companies to enhance user experience and identification. I intend to use their websites' favicons and since they are not original material and cannot be included in the software's licence, how would I disclaim these copyrighted images inside the repository?

Bear in mind that we are talking about 20+ potential companies, would it be one or two I would include directly in the README of the project pointing to all rights reserved to each company.

What I sense is that:

  • I would have a general disclaimer in the README stating that logos are copyrighted by their respective owners;
  • Point out to another file in the repository where each copyright is thoroughly listed and disclaimed.

But where would this file be placed, how should it be named and how should it be structured in terms of disclaimers?

[Obs] I don't know the precedent for this in open source software, so should including these images be simply a no-go for the project, feel free to drop in the comments.

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The more I think about this question, the more I think you have a bigger problem than simply I have no right to redistribute these logos under a free licence. I think the real problem is that you have no right to redistribute them at all.

They are, as you point out, copyright images. I can see nothing inherent in the nature of a favicon that grants you permission to hoover up a bunch of them from random corporate websites and include them in your software.

So I don't think you're allowed to do this at all, and thus the question of how to do it in a particular way becomes irrelevant. Sorry.

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