i want to estimate machine learning models with R and i need to use it in a production environment, i'll work with Azure Datascience Virtual Machine or Azure Machine Learning.

If i use , for ex., caret library for models and tidyverse for etl, can i have problem with licenses, i read taht R libraries for the major have GPL3 licenses?

I found that with python there aren't problems if i use ml models in productions and commercial use, for examples scikit-learn:

It is licensed under a permissive simplified BSD license

What about R that have GPL3 licenses for major packages? i read

"This General Public License does not permit incorporating your program into proprietary programs"

This means that licenses can make me problems for commercial use? What does using a model developed in R where the library has a GPL3 license entails?

hope it' clear my question thanks in advance have a nice day MC


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