The repository for something that I need to use has 2 license txt. One which is the LGPL and the other the GPLv3. I heard from a member of their Discord that this is because the LGPL is an extension to the GPL, so a copy of the GPL is always in the repository of a LGPL product.

Both txt have a description that reads "We're LGPL" though.

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The LGPL Version 3 uses the GPL-3.0 Additional Permissions mechanism to add a linking exception to the GPL. The LGPL-3.0 is not a standalone license, but rather a standardized GPL exception. Therefore, yes, any project under the LGPL-3.0 must include the GPL license text as well.

However, earlier LGPL versions are standalone licenses and only require a copy of the LGPL to be provided, not a copy of the GPL.

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