I wrote an extension for Visual Studio Code.
VS Code source code is available under MIT license.
But VS Code binaries are licensed under Microsoft product license.

Under what GPL (latest versions) can I publish my extension?
Can I use the full GPL license?
Or do I need to use the Lesser GPL?
Does the extension license depend on the license of the main application?


The MIT license is GPL-compatible, so as long as your extension doesn't use any non-GPL-compatible licensed libraries, you can use the regular GPL.

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    Forgive me, but where did the MIT licence come into this? I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just not following the line of argument. – MadHatter Mar 10 at 14:05
  • The MIT license is the license for VS Code itself. – JNic Mar 10 at 18:28
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    Ah, OK, thanks! It'd've been nice if the OP linked to the projects (s)he was asking about, but in the absence of that, could you bear to flesh out your question with a link to it, and a clarification of your reasoning? That'd make it a much fuller and more generally useful answer, and I (for one) would definitely upvote it. – MadHatter Mar 10 at 20:52

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