I want to convert library, which is licensed under Apache 2.0, to another programming language. The port will be initially pretty straightforward, i.e. I'll keep classes hierarchy and identifier names.

By no means I want to compromise copyright of original authors or change the license. Should I just copy LICENSE file and state in readme that this is a port? Or should I keep copyright comments in the code? In latter case, should I keep only original authors in copyright or add myself too?


Based on section 4 of the license, you need to:

  • keep original copyright comments
  • mark the files as changed (eg. modification copyright XXX XXXX)
  • keep or reproduce the text of the Apache 2 license
  • keep the NOTICE file if it exists

It would make sense to leave in the readme that you have created a port.

Edit: Clarified that the license text, not the LICENSE file, needs to be kept, because some projects places in the Apache 2 license in the NOTICE file.

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