when using AVR or ARM toolchains for Atmel microcontrollers, is using GCC macros such as __AVR_...__ or linker variables making my code GPL?

I know GCC is covered by "GPL 3.0" + "GCC Runtime Library Exception" but I am not sure if this exception covers the use of small macros like above.

And the linker is ld from binutils, which is covered by "GPL 3.0".

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Yes, GCC macros and linker variables are covered by the GCC Runtime Library Exception, see

[...] in this way, the header files and runtime libraries covered by this Exception.

There are no clues that the built-in libraries should not be part of the exceptions.

  • the linker ld is from binutils. According to the FAQ of GCC Runtime Library Exception, "GCC Runtime Library Exception covers any file that has a notice in its license headers stating that the exception applies. This includes libgcc, libstdc++, libfortran, libgomp, libdecnumber, libgcov, and other libraries distributed with GCC". But it does not mention clearly binutils.
    – Wind
    Jan 31, 2021 at 20:16

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