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My site is like a gallery of SVG files from different sources, with different licenses. In a way similar to https://www.flaticon.com/.

When clicking on an item it will show on a modal together with some info and a link to the correct license.


Can I create a service like I've described above, with SVG files with the different licenses below?

Share Alike

One thing I'm worried about is SA.

It says:

ShareAlike — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original.

From my perspective, I don't remix them. I keep them on the same website, but you download them one by one, not all as a whole. Am I correct or wrong?


NoDerivatives — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the modified material.

This does sound like I can't build a website around an SVG file with this license. Correct or wrong?


Can I place the different SVG files with these licenses on the same site? If not, which licenses will not work and why?

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You will be fine. Each of these images will have their own license, however as long as you meet the conditions (i.e. for CC: proper attribution, non-commercial use if -nc, etc.) it's not an issue.

but you download them one by one, not all as a whole.

If you're providing a separate download (i.e. you are splitting images that were previously distributed together into separate downloads / archives / etc.), you are in fact transforming the content. Just ensure that your 'split' images / downloads contain a copy of the appropriate license (and attribution) and you'll be meeting that condition.

Edit: I'm going to do some more research on the above for you, so take the preceding paragraph with a grain of salt right now!

Edit: As long as you're not changing the content of the images, you're not transforming them or creating a derivative. From the CC website:

Can I reuse an excerpt of a larger work that is licensed with the NoDerivs restriction?

The NoDerivs licenses (BY-ND and BY-NC-ND) prohibit reusers from creating adaptations. What constitutes an adaptation, otherwise known as a derivative work, varies slightly based on the law of the relevant jurisdiction.


All CC licenses grant the right to reproduce a CC-licensed work for noncommercial purposes (at a minimum).

See this for further information.

The MIT license is so permissive that I wouldn't worry about it too much - Just include a copy alongside any MIT licensed images.

The Apache license is much the same (AFAIK), but I'm much less familiar with it in general.

You will make sure that any downloads (at least, zips that you link) contain the appropriate license - a download counts as distribution. I would argue that if someone downloads the image through alternate means (right-clicking --> Save as, etc.) that the link on the page would cover you. IANAL, but you're not violating the spirit of the agreement at least.

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