I am creating a library for c++ on github. I want to release it under mit license, but several times i use lines of code like:

#include <iostream>
#include <string>

cout << "whatever";
string myString;

My project will not contain any binaries, only source code + makefile.

As I am not directly copy + pasting stl, only assuming that local compilers will have it, what legal blurb /licensing details do I have to include?

This is a similar question, but it has to do with C standard library, which is released (as I understand it) under a different license.


As you are not distributing any copy of a standard library, there are no licensing details for the standard library that you can include, as you can't know which implementation your users will use and whatever you state would likely be incorrect for some users.

This would change when you start to distribute binaries, because then you know which implementation of the standard library those binaries were built against and thus what licensing requirements apply.

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