Image I would like to develop MIT (or Apache 2.0)-licensed software using an LGPL library.

As far as I understand this is allowed as long as I'm distributing the library in a seperate jar file and load it from my MIT-licensed jar.

Therefore I could have my project (source and compiled jar without dependencies) under MIT or Apache 2.0 license, am I right?

If I now were to publish the jar-with-dependencies (jar that contains all class files for my program and the used libraries; produced by maven) I'd need to do so under LGPL or GPL if I understand it correctly. Would this affect the license for my sources and the compiled jar without dependencies?

I'd like to make the process as easy as possible for people with smaller technical knowledge (therefore the bundled jar) but would also like to use a very permissive license for anyone to use the project.

Is this possible? What precautions should I take?

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This topic is similar but I think it doesn't specify if I could also distribute compiled classes under MIT next to the LGPL licensed classes in the jar with all dependencies.

This topic talks specifically about source but once again not about compiled classes.

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