My project is MIT licensed and 3rd party code is all either ISC or MIT licensed which are both compatible licenses.

I maintain project code licenses per file, that is each source includes a license comment on top of a file, each file is a subject to it's own Copyright and license notices.

However entry project as a whole is MIT because 3rd party (non MIT) code is sublicensed.

Problem now is that I want to include another 3rd party code (a single file) which is MS-LPL licensed.

MS-LPL Microsoft Limited Public License is not OSI approved because of a restriction which state that the MS-LPL licensed software/code is permitted to run only on Microsoft Windows OS:

  1. (F) Platform Limitation- The licenses granted in sections 2(A) & 2(B) extend only to the software or derivative works that you create that run on a Microsoft Windows operating system product

I have no problem with that because the software (project) as a whole is not cross platform and can run only on Windows anyway.

Another issue with MS-MPL is that it does not permit sublicensing:

(D) If you distribute any portion of the software in source code form, you may do so only under this license by including a complete copy of this license with your distribution.

I'm considering between 2 options and I'm not sure whether either one or both options are valid thing to do to keep my project under single license as a whole:

  1. Include MS-LPL licensed file into project, and put license and Copyright comment into this file just like every other file in the project does.

  2. Relicense entry project (my own work) as MS-LPL and let 3rd party code stay as it is, MIT and ISC licensed.

Problem with first option is that entry project can't be published as MIT licensed because it contains a MS-LPL licensed file which can't be sublicensed and does permit porting code to other systems.

Second option looks less problematic but problem is again that entry project can't be MS-LPL licensed because it would contain MIT code which opposes restrictions introduced by MS-LPL license

I could be easily wrong on these 2 options, maybe there are some other options I should consider?

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