I am trying to create a website using React, and I need to implement a word cloud.

Is the D3 word cloud free? I have read the LICENSE file, and it says it is protected by copyright. I am not sure I fully understood all the terms, I am looking for more detailed information about how they will translate into practice.

Can you create a website and (eventually) make money with it using that tool for free?

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A quick comparison will show that the licence is the very common three-clause BSD (3BSD) licence. The author of the software has modified the licence to incorporate his actual name, which is unnecessary, but the rights granted are those granted by 3BSD. I mention this because much is written about 3BSD, some or all of which may now be of use to you.

As I understand it, though, you will be fine taking this tool and using it to make word clouds on your website, even if you charge money for access to the site.

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