Consider I wrote a screenplay or book and I want if someone make a film from it, share it with same license that I used (Or another free license that keeps this constraint).

Is CC BY-SA okay? Or is there some other ready copyleft license specially for films and screenplays?


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Looking at the licence text of CC BY-SA 3.0, it explicitly includes someone else making a film from your work:

"Adaptation" ... includes cinematographic adaptations

I don't mention that to suggest that CC BY-SA 4.0 doesn't include such adaptations, I only note that in 4.0 it's left implicit rather than being spelled out. However, the idea that making a film from a book or a screenplay requires a licence is pretty well understood, so I don't think anyone in the industry could, with a straight face, claim that such a film was not an adaptation.

In both cases I think the licence will do exactly what you want, ie any film made from your work will need to be made available under CC BY-SA, or a compatible licence (ie, another copyleft licence).

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